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Clive's story - dealing with bullies

An incident at a local gym had led Clive to get banned.  This prompted a referral to one of our Behaviour Support team.

Assessments showed that this incident had been Clive’s understandable reaction to a build up of difficult experiences that week. 

Local teenagers were targeting Clive, they had kicked his door late at night, stolen his lawnmower, let his guinea pigs out of their cages at night, pressured him into giving them money and had even woken him up in the middle of the night by standing in his bedroom.

To cap it all Clive lost his wallet at the gym the previous week and the receptionist said he couldn't come in without it!

Dealing safely with victimisation

The behaviour analyst and Clive’s support worker worked with him to learn some strategies to deal safely with victimisation.

  • Clive learnt to say “I don’t know you” and walk away if teenagers asked him for money
  • Clive learnt to call the police using a panic button if someone was harassing him at home or by using a mobile phone when out of the house on his own
  • Clive used a social story to remind him what to do when people harassed him in the street.


Dealing with stress

Clive also worked on skills that he could use to help himself when he was stressed about something:

  • Clive practised using his exercise equipment when he got stressed
  • He learnt to tell his support worker what had happened to make him stressed so that they could help
  • Clive learnt to record what had happened on a Dictaphone so he could tell someone about it later.
  • Clive used role play at home to practice what he should do when there were situations that stressed him out.

Once he mastered these skills he practised them in the places where he would need to use them. 

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