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My first day as a member of the Dimensions Council

My Name is Stuart Rowles and I started my support with Dimensions a year ago.

Stuart Rowles

I have always been eager to get involved in meetings and to be a part of the process of making changes for the better for people like me who are supported by Dimensions.

When I was chosen to become a Dimensions council member I was delighted at this opportunity and very excited. I attended my first meeting which was very exciting and was in Coventry.

I got to meet everybody who was on the council, which was great and was nice as there were people who were new to the council the same as me.

I liked that time was taken for me to understand what was being said and we had the opportunity to say how we were feeling and our thoughts.

The meeting was very focused and we worked hard. I enjoyed staying over the night as gave me chance to get to know all the people on the council and have a laugh.

I’m looking forward to more meetings.  In the next one we will face Dimensions’ Board in the main head office which I feel excited about and of course nervous.

In this meeting we aim to get our questions answered and it will help us to move forward. I enjoy speaking and voicing my opinion and I feel the council gives me the time to do this.

I also feel happy and agree with the new principles. I feel they are in place to help people like myself who are supported by Dimensions to have a bigger voice and for us to be heard.

Below is a photo of my book which I and my support worker produced to capture all the events taking place. This is also something I can keep to reflect on the meetings and can pass on to the people we support in my area.