Mythbusting letter to potential applicants

Dear potential applicant,

Thank you for considering applying for a role in support work with Dimensions.

Because you’re reading this letter, you’ve probably already seen the wide range of very good reasons to join us. If not, do take a few minutes to look at some of the videos of support work, and in particular at our ‘Great Places to Work’ award. You can also find information on pay and benefits, training and career progression and much else on our careers pages.

Myth 1: You’ll be working in a large care home, or delivering care to large numbers of people

You won’t. Almost all of the support we deliver is to individuals or small groups of less than 6 housemates, in a normal house on a normal street.

Myth 2: There’s no PPE

There is enough PPE required for you to do your job. No Dimensions support worker has had to work without the PPE they require, and our stocks of PPE are increasing, not decreasing.

Myth 3: Testing remains a problem

There have been teething troubles with securing testing at home for some of the people we support, but we’re working through this with government. Testing is now widely available for my colleagues.

Myth 4: people with Coronavirus have been discharged from hospital into emergency placements in care settings

I cannot speak for any other part of the care sector but at Dimensions, I can absolutely guarantee that this has not happened.

Myth 5: I am likely to catch Coronavirus at work

This is the most important myth to dispel. All the scare stories on the news have been in respect of care delivered in large care homes. Because you’ll be working with an individual, because we locked down our services well ahead of the rest of the country, because there is enough PPE and because of our rigorous approach to isolation and infection control, our experience of Covid-19 has been far less dramatic than you might think. At time of writing (May 15th):

Less than 4% of my colleagues are off work – our sickness levels are currently only very slightly higher than in any typical year.

Out of 3500 ‘vulnerable’ people we support, less than 10 have died from coronavirus. Many of those picked it up whilst in hospital for other matters.

This is a sensitive matter and I have no wish to be dismissive: behind each of those deaths lies a personal and family tragedy, and of course no-one knows what the future may bring. However, as a potential new colleague it is right that you should know these facts and be able to judge the risks for yourself.

If you would like to discuss any of these points further, or raise other issues, the best way to do that is to call Dimensions’ resourcing team on 0300 303 9150.

I very much hope to welcome you as a new Dimensions colleague in due course.

Best wishes


Photo of Steve Scown
By Steve Scown, Dimensions CEO

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