How we are supporting our colleagues and recruiting new staff

It is a very uncertain time for lots of people and we want to make sure our colleagues are looked after, as well as the people we support.


Here are some things we’re doing to keep our colleagues safe, happy and well…

What we have done to support our colleagues

Everybody across Dimensions has been doing lots of different things to help each other, the people we support and family members.

These are some things we have done…

  • Made sure our colleagues are still getting paid even if they are ill.
  • Made sure our colleagues who are supporting someone with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 are paid extra for this responsibility.
  • Reassured everyone that their jobs are safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Made sure we can provide protective equipment. This is important to help keep colleagues and the people we support safe.
  • Gave support workers letters they can use to prove they are key workers. This is important because they might need to travel or go to supermarkets more.
  • Made guides and newsletters to help keep family members and people we support informed. This is to help make sure everyone knows what they need to know.
  • Launched a helpline for families to use. This is to help make sure everyone feels supported.
  • Made sure we can recruit new staff. This is because we need more staff to help keep everyone safe.
  • Made new training courses. This is so colleagues understand how to provide care and support services in isolation.
  • Shared and given new training so that colleagues know how to look after themselves. This is because their mental and physical health is very important.
  • Asked colleagues how they’re feeling. This is so we know if they are happy and what else we need to do to help them.

We are very proud of everything people in Dimensions are doing.

If you would like to say thank you, please clap every Thursday at 8pm. If you would like to send them a nice message, please click here and complete the form.

Recruiting new staff

It has been very important for us to recruit new staff quickly. This is because some of our colleagues have had to self-isolate.

We have also had to recruit new staff because the way we support people has changed.

Our support workers do not support as many different people, in as many different homes, as they used to.

These changes are not forever but they are very important to help keep our support workers and the people we support safe.

To help find new staff we told people that we have jobs available and lots of people contacted us because they want to help.

We talked to them and some of them had an interview, these were done over the phone or in video calls.

People who get the job can do their training at home and we are trying to make sure people can start their new job quickly.

This means we have lots of people who want to support others which is very good and we’re glad people are so kind.

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We hope our resources help you

Remember, it is important you talk to someone you trust if you start to feel unwell or unhappy. If you need to know more about Covid-19 (coronavirus) symptoms, please click here.