What is Covid-19?

This page talks about what Covid-19 is.

You can find out more about what the symptoms are by visiting the NHS website.

If you think you might have Covid-19 you should not go to your doctor. Instead you should contact the NHS 111, you can also do this online by visiting the NHS 111 service website.

If you have one, some or all of the symptoms of coronavirus you should try to find out if have got it by getting a test. We will be publishing more accessible information about getting tested soon.

You may be told to stay at home and not be near other people for several days. This is called self-isolating. You can find out more about self-isolating here.

Download our ‘About Covid-19’ easy read here.

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Remember, it is important you talk to someone you trust if you start to feel unwell or unhappy. If you need to know more about Covid-19 (coronavirus) symptoms, please click here.