Positive thinking

It can be hard to think about good things when you are worried. But thinking about positive things can help you to feel better.

Here are some tips about positive thinking.

Tips for positive thinking

 Tip 1: Make a list of things you’re happy about

Keeping a list of things you’re happy about can help you feel better because…

  • It helps to feel that it is not all bad news.
  • You will need to think about happy things.
  • You can look at it when you feel sad.

It is a project you can be creative with.

Your list could have…

  • Written in words on paper or on a computer.
  • Pictures that you draw or you have found.
  • Photographs that make you happy.
  • Recordings and videos.
  • Smells and textures that make you happy.

Your list can be anything that you enjoy making and enjoy looking at.

Tip 2: Make a Mindfulness box

A Mindfulness Box contains things that make you feel good. It has something for each sense…

Smell: this could be your favourite bar of soap or perfume.

Sound: this could be a bell or song to listen to.

Touch: this could be a fluffy toy or sensory object.

Taste: this could be a favourite treat.

Sight: this could be a photograph or drawing.

Tip 3: Have a positivity group

Everybody’s life has changed and lots of people will be feeling different.

Make a list of people you trust who you can talk to. You could even talk to more than one person at the same time.

Ask them what they are happy about and tell them what you are happy about.

Together you can focus on the positive things, such as what hobbies they are doing, what they are doing for work or something they saw that made them happy.

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Tip 4: Do something you enjoy

Some days it might be hard to feel positive.

Be kind to yourself and don’t worry if you do not manage to do everything you expected to on that day.

If you are finding it difficult to think happy things do something you enjoy. This will help you to think about something different.

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