Cardiff’s autism friendly Belong Arena

We are waiting on a statement from Belong by GAME about Covid-19 and possible store closures. Please check with your local venue and visit this page for updates and information.

Welcome to your Cardiff Belong Arena at St David’s Centre. Kelly is the Arena Manager here and, with her colleagues, will make your visit as inclusive and enjoyable as possible.

Cardiff is one of four Belong by GAME arenas taking part in a trial to be more autism friendly.

Belong Arenas are separate areas at some GAME stores where customers can play the latest video games on the latest equipment –including high tech gaming PCs, Playstations and Xboxes.

These are called “stations” and customers can book time at them, sit in a comfy seat and use the consoles with headphones for quiet and privacy.

Autism friendly events at Cardiff’s Belong Arena

Every second Monday of the month, Cardiff host an autism friendly event for guests to enjoy games in an inclusive and quieter environment.

The next autism friendly event is on 8th October, 6pm until 9pm for just £10.

The event is hosted in their second and quieter Belong Arena room. During the event there won’t be any music and the lights will be dimmed.

Are you a regular? Book or ask in advance and you can play at your usual station.

Any special requests? Simply email or Direct Message them on Twitter to let them know. Contact details are at the end of this page.

How to book a gaming station at Cardiff Belong Arena

You can book a station (which has a PC and consoles for you to use) for £5 to £7 an hour.

If you have someone supporting you they do not need to book a station. But, if you are going with someone who wants to play games too they will need to book a station.

There are four ways you can book a station

  1. You can go into the store and ask to speak to a member of staff – tell them that you would like to book time at the arena. If you let them know you have autism they can help you plan your trip, but you don’t have to tell them.
  2. You can call them on 07484929359 – tell them that you would like to book time at the arena. If you let them know you have autism they can help you plan your trip, but you don’t have to tell them.
  3. You can email them on – write that you would like to book time at the arena. If you let them know you have autism they can help you plan your trip, but you don’t have to tell them.
  4. You can visit and use the Quick Book tool. You will need to select Cardiff, the date and time you would like to book, the number of stations you would like to book and how long you would like to book it for.

Preparing for your visit to Cardiff Belong Arena

The website for Cardiff’s Belong Arena has information including when the stations are available and what equipment they have available. Visit their website to find out more.

The entrance to Cardiff’s Belong Arena

The Belong Arena in Cardiff has two sections. One is at the back of the GAME store and one is in a different room.

When you go to the Cardiff Arena you will see some computers and you will also see a counter. If you want to ask a member of staff a question you can go to this counter.

Here are some things to think about before your visit:

  • the Cardiff GAME store is in the St David’s shopping centre on the ground floor
  • you will have to walk through the GAME store to get to the Belong Arena
  • if you would like a computer in a quiet area, choose one in the separate room
  • there isn’t a toilet in the store but a member of staff can tell you where the closest one is
  • the Arena and store is quietest from 11am until 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Other times and school holidays can be busier.

We have written this social story for you to download, there are a few places where you can put in extra information and photos but you might find the information in it useful without doing this.

Download Cardiff’s Belong Arena social story which you can edit on the computer and add photos in

Download the Cardiff’s Belong Arena social story which you can print off and write information in

Address and opening times

Cardiff GAME Belong Arena Game
St David’s Dewi Sant Cardiff
2 Bridge Street

  • Monday 9am-8pm
  • Tuesday 9am-8pm
  • Wednesday 9am-8pm
  • Thursday 9am-8pm
  • Friday 9am-8pm
  • Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Sunday 11am-5pm

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