Take the museums’ training

Our autism friendly museums training was produced with over 8 years’ experience of supporting autism friendly environments. We consulted autism experts and ran audits to make sure it covers everything you need to know to successfully become an autism friendly museums.

Inforgraphic that reads: 80% of people with autism have felt excluded from their community. 60 % worry about being judged and not understood.

The training includes:

  • A short awareness video that gives you an insight into autism
  • Free resources to download
  • Your guide to understanding autism and communicating with your guests
  • Adjustments you can make to the environment and day to day changes and considerations
  • How to promote your autism friendly museum

By taking the training and becoming autism friendly, you’re helping the 80% of people with autism who have felt excluded from their community access an experience many people take for granted.

Take the training now

Your museum and staff are just a few steps away from being more inclusive.

Watch the video and use the buttons below to complete it now.

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