Terms and conditions

Please see below for the terms and conditions for the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2021 awards.

Entries and nominations for the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2021 awards are now closed! Winners’ will be published on 3rd December. Follow @DimensionsUK and #LDALeadersList to stay up to date.

Entering the Leaders’ List

  • Entry options have been designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Entrants and nominators can email marketing@dimensions-uk.org if adjustments are needed
  • Individuals with a learning disability and/or autism can enter the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List
  • Groups with people who have a learning disability and/or autism can enter the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List
  • People entering themselves for the List can receive support to make their entry
  • Individuals can nominate somebody with a learning disability and/or autism for the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List
  • Anybody nominating somebody else must have direct contact with the person they are nominating and will be responsible for relaying messages and orchestrating a working relationship between all required parties
  • Previous winners can enter again, but they must use a different story from their winning story
  • All entrants and nominees must be living in the UK at time of entry or nomination
  • Multiple nominations and entries are allowed
  • The deadline for all all entries and nominations to the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2021 is 10am on 1st October 2021
  • No submissions will be accepted after entries have closed, except those in exceptional circumstances
  • Entries made by the same person, using the same story, under the same category will be treated as duplications. The Leaders’ List Administrator will put what they consider to be the entry with the best chance of success into the shortlisting process
  • Categories have been designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. The Leaders’ List Administrator and Shortlisting Team holds the right to change categories stories are entered under. This is to give them the best possible chance of success

Selecting the 2021 Leaders

  • The 2021 Leaders’ List is being run by Dimensions in partnership with Learning Disability England and VODG. Our partners or their chosen advocates reserve the right to be involved in any stage of the process when required.
  • Judging will take place in October 2021. It will be fair and impartial; each judge’s decision is final.

There will be at least a number of judges

  • Each of the 4 categories will have multiple judges.
  • All of our judges will have a learning disability and/or autism, or they will be connected to someone who does.
  • There will also be a judge for the Lifetime Achievement Award and a judge for the Young Persons Award.
  • In addition to this, there will also be one or more judges to help make decisions where there is a conflict of interest or a “tied” place.

Entries will be shortlisted

  • Dimensions colleagues will shortlist the entries. This means they will read all entries and choose a selection to send to the judges.
  • Where we feel there is information missing from the entry but strong potential, we will contact the person who made the entry.
  • It is at this stage some entries might be moved to a different category. This will only be done if it gives the entrant a better chance of success.
  • The final shortlisted entries will be sent to the judges.

Judges will rank the shortlists

  • The judges for each category will rank the shortlisted stories for their category in order of preference, assigning them a position, which will convert to points: most points (first place) to one point (last place).
  • The judges will send their scores to Dimensions.
  • The judges can get support from a limited number of people they trust to judge the entries.

Stories won’t be anonymised

  • It’s important that the judges really get to know and understand the entrants.
  • They will see photos, videos and other documents.
  • This means that the stories cannot be anonymous.
  • But, the judges are under obligation to tell us about any conflicts of interest.
  • If they do not feel they can judge the story impartially they will be put in touch with a mediator judge.
  • They will work with the mediator judge to rank the story fairly and appropriately.
  • The judges and anyone supporting them will be instructed to keep all people and their stories confidential until the stories are published.

Choosing the Leaders

  • Dimensions will use the scores to determine the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders for 2021.
  • If there are any tied places (people with the same score in the same category) mediating judges will choose which story succeeds.
  • Dimensions will send the eligible Leaders’ stories to the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Young Persons Award judges for their decisions.
  • 2021’s Leaders will be notified. This is confidential and we will ask them not to tell anybody.
  • Winners must consent to publication of their story, their photo, their name and other supporting content. If consent is not given they have the option to remain anonymous or alternative entrants will be selected.
  • Consent for publication will be asked from the winning entrants only, after judging is complete.


  • All personal data shared with us is protected under the General Data Protection Regulations.
  • This means we will not share any personal data supplied with anybody else without consent.
  • We will share the stories submitted with only those involved in the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2021.
  • We store data across a number of secure platforms. Details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Share and enter the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2021

You can enter someone you know who inspires you, or you can enter yourself! If you have any questions or the forms aren’t accessible for you please email marketing@dimensions-uk.org

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This is a sector award and we encourage other organisations, groups and individuals to share it so even more inspirational people have the opportunity to be celebrated.

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