Dimensions Housing Brokerage up for industry award

The Dimensions Housing Brokerage, run in partnership with Essex County Council, has been shortlisted for a prestigious National Learning Disability Award. Service managers will learn later this week if it has been successful.

Fred outside house

Dimensions has developed a unique partnership with Essex County Council to broker housing solutions between vulnerable people and housing providers – particularly including private landlords, who are traditionally unwilling to let to this sector.

Over the past five years, they have established themselves as trusted and reliable. They have a strong relationship with 12 local housing authorities, social and private landlords, estate agents and care providers – ensuring all the right people work together to achieve the best outcomes.

Building networks is crucial. Local authorities are facing increasing cuts, and cross-departmental communication is a constant struggle. Essex County Council recognised this and, five years ago, commissioned one Housing Broker. After a year they commissioned another, increased the number of people they could help and now there are four brokers working across Essex.

Within the last year, they have helped people with complex needs to find a home. Their work with one couple saw them move out of residential care and into their own flat. This is saving Essex County Council £180,000 per year and the couple are thrilled with their increased independence.

The service also worked with Essex Country Council to secure funding and a mortgage for three vulnerable adults. Costs have been reduced because they don’t need residential care, and knowing they’re independent and have a home for life is priceless.

We have been nominated three times, and throughout this week leading up to the awards we’ll be celebrating our nominees on our social media pages and website.