Assistive Technology for employees

Dimensions now offers two new resources to support employees with reading and writing difficulties.

Employees can now access two types of assistive technology support

The two pieces of software are Read and Write Gold which helps with reading, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking which helps with writing. Both have been tried and tested by our Dyslexia focus group where they were found to be extremely beneficial.

Bev Beaven, Senior Financial Accountant and member of the group said: “One of my main problems with reading is that I read a word incorrectly, so then the sentence doesn’t make sense.”

“If I receive an important or very long email, I can listen to it using the same software. This is a lot quicker as I don’t have to read it two or three times to understand what has been written.”

Although the software is aimed towards people with Dyslexia, it can also be beneficial to people for whom English is a second language or who have physical difficulties with typing on a PC.

The software reaffirms Dimensions’ commitment to achieving effective communication, supporting people to shine regardless of ability or impairment

For more information please follow the links:

Read and Write Gold

Dragon Naturally speaking