Dimensions launches drive to bring person-centred thinking to social care in India

Person-centred thinking provides the backbone of Dimensions’ support for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Taking a person-centred approach is, we believe, the only way to effectively ensure the people we support have choice and control over their lives.

Person-centred approaches are well established in the UK. But, in many countries, support remains rooted in standardised approaches that do not focus on the individual.

A new partnership between Dimensions, Helen Sanderson Associates (HSA) and the Institute of Person Centred Practices in India (IPCAI) will introduce and promote person-centred practices in Kerala, with a view to expanding over the next five years into other districts of India.

IPCAI’s programmes already educate young people, provider organisations, teachers, policy makers and government officials about the concept of personalisation.

By pooling our resources, Dimensions and HSA will train local volunteers in best practice approaches to supporting people. We expect this pilot to make a real difference to the quality of life of vulnerable adults, initially in a small corner of India. Once we have tested and refined our approach, this scalable initiative could be rolled out widely across the subcontinent and elsewhere.