Dimensions to roll out Values Based Recruitment

Following a successful pilot in the South West, Dimensions is to fundamentally change its recruitment practices.

From now on the entire support worker recruitment process – from role profile to final interview – will be conducted through the lens of organisational values. In Dimensions’ case, that means recruiting people against values of Partnership, Respect, Courage, Ambition and Integrity.

Stella Cheetham, HR Director at Dimensions, said:
“Research shows that when we as employees behave in line with our personal values, we feel comfortable, energised and draw satisfaction from what we are doing.

“So if we can, here at Dimensions, use a recruitment process that appoints people with the same or similar values to those that we hold as an organisation, those people are more likely to perform well, be sick less and stay longer – which all translates into a better experience for the people we support.”

In the trial, Dimensions saw improvements in key measures such as staff turnover, sickness and people passing their probation. More applicants were shortlisted.

Feedback from candidates was positive too; many felt that process was more relaxed and informal, whilst remaining professional and allowing recruiting managers to get a better insight.

Helen Orford, Dimensions’ South West Operations Director, said:
“Prospective employees have told us that they have very much enjoyed the experience…we have also seen some people we support grow in confidence, even phoning successful candidates themselves to make the provisional offer.”

Cheetham added:
“A hundred years ago, Mahatma Gandhi said that ‘your values become your destiny.’ Within the Dimensions recruitment team, we now believe we can start to use his wisdom in a very practical way.”