5-6 Duchess Close, London

5-6 Duchess Close
N11 3PZ

We help the people we support achieve their goals and outcomes. Alun, Assistant Manager

Person-centred support for a variety of people with autism

Duchess Close is autism specific and offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Support is personalised to promote independence, maximise potential and strengthen community inclusion.

Service highlights

About the neighbourhood

  • Public transport links including train and tube
  • Local shops and shopping centres
  • Close to Alexandra Palace
  • Public parks
  • Local services

About the property

  • Six bedrooms
  • Large garden
  • Five seat car
  • Car parking
  • Autism support

Continuous improvement

We take real pride in the quality of our personalised services and set high standards. It’s clear this service has fallen short and we’re working intensively with staff, families, local commissioners and CQC to improve. However, the report  also praised the committed staff team and the choice and control the people we support have over their activities. - Jo Howland, Operations Director