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Finding friends, old and new

One of David’s biggest wishes is to meet up with some school friends and make some new ones. He has said several times that he would like to meet up with and have friends over for tea.

Lloyd, David’s support worker, researched local social groups that meet in the evening. He found a group in Bridgend called ‘Gateway’ and asked David if he would like to go, as it could be a great opportunity to make some friends, alongside activities such as darts and snooker.

David enjoying a refreshing drink while out & about

David recently attended ‘Gateway’ and thoroughly enjoyed it! Even more exciting, he bumped into an old friend from school and they renewed their acquaintance. His school friend told him about another group called ‘Fit for Life’. David loved this second group, he spent all day there, with his friends, playing darts, doing puzzles and he even tried Zumba!

David now has a very busy social life and has been back to ‘Gateway’, meeting his old school friend and making some new ones too.

These two new social groups are having a fabulous positive effect on David’s life. With the support of his team he is now attending both regularly and making new friends along the way.

Wishing you all the best David!