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Making healthier choices

Not so long ago, Margery* was not living an especially healthy life. She enjoyed the wrong sort of food a little too much, she wasn’t very active and she would lie in bed until quite late in the day.

We know that with good health, so much more becomes possible. So we were delighted to encourage Margery to make better choices. She now has a healthy evening snack box.

She participates in so many more activities: each week she swims twice, goes cycling and to water aerobics once and she’s recently started line dancing! She thoroughly enjoys her classes and is going to bed earlier and waking up much fresher in the mornings.

Good support has been crucial for Margery. Each day, she is encouraged by staff to make better choices. They talk her through the choice she is going to make and make suggestions for a better one.

Over the course of around three months Margery has lost 11lbs and is tremendously happy about this. She feels like she still has some way to go but is making good choices every day!

*Name and photo have been changed to protect privacy