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Smooth(ie) Operator

William, who we support in Swansea, has gained more independence thanks to the introduction of eye gaze technology.

The eye gaze device allows William to control his environment, with the use of special plugs that connect with the system, allowing him to turn on lights, fans and even blenders.

William and Speech and Language therapist Claire make a smoothie

He demonstrated his smoothie making skills when his Speech and Language Therapist, Claire, came for a visit. William chose the fruit he wanted on the device, with Claire allowing him to smell the fruit and feel the textures on his hands. The ones that he chose were then added to the blender, with William able to turn the blender on and off.

Not just for practical use, William also enjoys the games that are on the device, such as playing musical instruments and listening to birds. His favourite game is one where he can throw custard pies at pictures, he especially enjoys it after pictures of his staff team were added to it for him to splat!

Splat that support worker

The eye gaze is on a stand that can be adjusted so he can use it on all his various equipment.. As William continues to develop his skills, he will be able to exercise more choice and control over this day to day life through the communication device.