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The wonder of Winter Wonderland

Kelly’s volunteer buddy Alice* often assists her and takes her out to many places. However, this particular trip to Winter Wonderland proved different from the others, as this time they were able to support each other.

Kelly and Alice enjoy spending time together

It was a Saturday morning and Kelly had decided that she wanted to ride the Big Wheel in Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. Refusing to let her down, Alice agreed despite having a fear of heights. It was a goal Kelly was desperate to achieve for the day and an opportunity for Alice to push herself.

The pair arrived at the 33 metre high Big Wheel and although Kelly remained relaxed, Alice was feeling apprehensive.

The two stood at the bottom of the ride for a few minutes, watching it turning. They decided to leave the park to get lunch first. Refueled, they returned to Winter Wonderland and after buying tickets, they joined the queue. Alice began to get more and more nervous until she was shaking.

When on the ride, Kelly remained calm while Alice was clinging to the centre bar, convinced she would have to get off after just one time round the wheel. However, Kelly helped Alice to build enough courage to stay on the ride.

The 33 metre Big Wheel

After exiting the Big Wheel, they sat down at the bottom, their achievement gave them a feeling of euphoria. It was down to their wonderful relationship that enabled them both to enjoy the ride. Kelly was delighted that Alice was able to overcome her fear of the Big Wheel. When they got back to Kelly’s house everyone was so proud of how Alice had challenged herself.

It is safe to say that the day was a success, highlighting that support can work both ways.


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*Name has been changed to protect privacy

By volunteer story writer Emily Benson