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Personalised support helps build a better future

Chloe is a young woman who has learning disabilities and behaviours closely associated with autism. She has a passion for drama, studies at college and her social diary is bursting with opportunities. Three years ago, this didn’t seem possible.


Faced with supporting their daughter to leave school Chloe’s parents, Michelle and Kevin, were anxious about what would be best for her. They didn’t understand how to fit her interests around her plans for the future, were confused by personal budgets and how to use them and felt more like care givers than parents.

Their social worker put them in touch with a number of organisations. But, after meeting with their local Dimensions Support Advisor, Kevin and Michelle were keen to introduce our person-centred approaches into Chloe’s life.

Chloe’s support package

Dimensions uses person-centred thinking tools to plan tailor made support packages. By focussing on her final year at school and developing support around her interests we’ve created a support package that develops as Chloe grows.

To do this successfully their support advisor spent a week shadowing Chloe – going to her school, her respite service and spending time with the people who are important to her. This gave her an insight into what she’s like in different environments and how she’d respond to different support options.

We invited her family to a planning day where everyone worked together on a transition plan based on Chloe’s desired outcomes and options. These tools really focussed on her needs and aspirations, creating a proactive and structured support plan. Crucial to a successful support package is well matched staff. By using person-centred tools, creating One Page Profiles and involving the family we’ve shaped Chloe’s support team around her interests.

The outcomes

In the three years since being introduced to Dimensions, Chloe has grown in confidence and is making the most of being a young adult. She has weekly plans that see her studying at college, meeting new people at a drama group and enjoying music and dancing in her community.

Chloe is now planning a move into a supported living environment where she can have a home of her own.