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Going abroad for the first time; how Colin is making his dream happen

Planning a holiday is an exciting time. But, for 60 year old Colin it’s his first trip abroad and an experience of a lifetime.

Choosing a hotel for his journey, Colin sits with his Support Worker

Before we started supporting Colin, he slept on the streets and relied on a local day centre to provide warm meals and kindness.

While another organisation helped him find a home, his pride and independence were low. On taking over his support, we worked with him to take care of himself and his home.

15 years later, he’s proud of how far he’s come. Colin looks after his health, does things he enjoys and has an active social life. When he said he’d like to take a holiday abroad, we started researching how to make it happen.

Plans are underway and there’s lots to do. By working with Colin to achieve small goals, we can help him achieve his dream of going on his first holiday to Spain.

The first steps are planning his money and support and applying for a passport.