Eight reasons to consider a career in care

We asked over 500 of our support workers and managers about their jobs. Here is what they told us. Some of these findings might surprise you…

Eight reasons why support work is a life changing career choice

  1. Over three quarters of people are happy in their jobs most of the time (just 6% disagreed).
  2. Over three quarters of people said their job has given them new skills in problem solving, teamwork, dedication, patience and medical knowledge.
  3. Over half of people say they know themselves better now.
  4. Around 70% of people who used to work in retail – and over 80% of people who previously worked in hospitality, catering, sales and call centres – said they prefer support work.
  5. Over half of people said their job is much more varied than their previous role (just 14% disagreed).
  6. Three quarters of people said they felt valued by the person they support (just 3% disagreed).
  7. Overall, 45% of support workers said their job helped them with their work-life balance (just 22% disagreed).
  8. Need more convincing? This is why our support workers and managers think social care is the right career for them.

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that a large majority of respondents said they feel care work has an undeserved bad reputation.

Dimensions, along with many other support providers, now recruit people for their values rather than their experience. With the right set of personal values, everything else can be learned in training.

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We have Support Workers from many backgrounds

Some of our Support Workers have disabilities too

Support Worker Alicia is profoundly deaf. She supports Charlotte* (not her real name) who is a blind woman with a learning disability.

“Charlotte and I have a very good understanding of each other’s disabilities and I believe she trusts me when I support her.”

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Flexible hours make support work a great opportunity for students

Alex worked part-time as a support worker while at university. He now considers the man he supported a close friend.

“Support work is one of the most rewarding careers out there…I watched the person I supported grow into a confident, funny and playful man…the transformation I saw in a matter of a few years reduced his father to tears.”

Your experiences and interests could be used to help someone flourish

Juliette supports budding artist, Joe, who gave a lecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in summer 2018.

“I’m a former art teacher with two degrees in fine art…so it’s enormously rewarding to use my skills to help someone else. We are very well-matched!”

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Sometimes it’s all about knowing you make a difference

Mark moved from a management position to support work, and values the difference he makes over anything else.

“This time last year, I was an area manager for a cleaning company: good salary, nice company car, iPad, phone. This time last year, I felt very little of what I did made a difference. I’m now a support worker for Dimensions and I feel everything I do, CAN make a difference.”


Dimensions are recruiting support workers, managers and other social care and business support opportunities across the country.

Whatever your background, there could be an opportunity to suit you. We recruit new Support Workers based on their values, not their experience or qualifications.

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In recent research, support workers were amongst the happiest people in their jobs. We are trying to spread the word about what a rewarding career social care can be.

Take a look at what they might not tell you about being a support worker:

Changing the narrative around working in social care

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