Making our website accessible

Accessibility is important to us and we work hard to make sure the information on our website is accessible and easy to understand.

Tailor your internet browser

Wherever possible, we recommend you tailor your browser or computer to help make all the websites you use more accessible.

Visit BBC’s My web my way to find out how to tailor your browser.

Listen to our website

We have installed BrowseAloud, which will read the website content out loud and gives options to translate and change the contrast.

To use BrowseAloud click the BrowseAloud icon at the bottom of the webpage, a toolbar will then appear at the top of the page where you can then click the play icon to listen.

To use click the BrowseAloud icon at the bottom of the webpage

If you have any issues with our website please email

Easy Read

Our Easy Read section of website uses photo symbols and accessible language to explain what we do. Visit the Easy Read section of our website.