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#ImWithSam – experiences of hate crime

In research for this campaign, we received almost 100 heartfelt, awful testimonials. #ImWithSam will help tackle autism and learning disability hate crime and prevent other people going through similar experiences.

We created Sam, a fictional character to represent the 73% of people who have experienced autism and learning disability hate crime. Find out more about our campaign against hate crime.

All stories shared are from real people and are anonymous – they show why #ImWithSam is so important.

Our survey results show

  • 73% of people have experienced disability hate crime
  • Over half have experienced disability hate crime in the last year
  • 43% reported feeling scared of other people
  • 45% are less comfortable leaving the house
  • 56% are less confident
  • 62% feel angry

People have been subjected to

  • Verbal attacks by strangers, neighbours, peers and family
  • Physical attacks
  • Accusations of paedophilia
  • Threats against themselves and their loved ones
  • Assault on public transport
  • Gang rape
  • School abuse and bullying

What we want to achieve

  • Increased awareness of the issue
  • Better resources for families, schools and support workers
  • Improved processes for reporting and prosecuting disability hate crime
  • Wider representation of people with learning disabilities and autism
  • Improved legislation around mate crime and online hate crime