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Initial investment leads to better outcomes for all

Fred is in his twenties, has autism and used to live with three other people in a supported living service.

Fred struggled with sharing a house due to his need to control people. He started to exhibit challenging behaviour towards the people he lived with, including verbal and physical outbursts, and destroying property.

It was crucial for everyone that Fred found a home of his own and, while it wasn’t easy, the investment was worth it.

Dimensions applied for his funding to be re-assessed so he could be supported to move into a suitable home of his own. Fred’s funding was just too low for his needs. For months, his support team worked with him and his mother to get a new assessment.

After many meetings, facilitated and led by our highly trained and experienced staff, a new budget was agreed, meaning Fred could move. However, the council property waiting list was too long and it would have been months before we could secure a suitable place.

To solve the problem, our housing team bought a house for Fred to rent.

Fred was very excited to move into his new home. Since he moved there, we have seen a transformation in his anxiety levels and behaviour.

He has joined his local library, is developing friendships with his neighbours and former housemates, is better off financially and is confident using public transport.

Fred is benefitting from the consistency of a small support team matched to him, and is trying to use more verbal communication

Fred's achievements

  • Fred has his own home, is more confident using public transport and has improved finances
  • He is making greater use of verbal communication, developing improved relationships
  • Overall he has more choice, control and freedom
  • Fred’s monthly reportable incidents have dropped by 89%, low level incidents dropped by 97% and the weekly costs of his placement have been cut by 17%