Handling codes and guidance

Local government and Social Care Ombudsman handling guidance

We adhere to Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman guidance on effective complaint handling, which outlines guidance to ensure complaints are properly identified, investigated and resolved, to ensure an effective complaints system that helps improve services.

The guidance also examines statutory procedures for social care complaints, advice on dealing with third-party complaints and how to draw out learning.

Housing Ombudsman Complaints handling code

On 1st April 2024 the Housing Ombudsman publishes the new Complaints Handling code.  It sets out good practice to allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

Key areas of the Code include:

  • universal definition of a complaint
  • providing easy access to the complaints procedure and ensuring residents are aware of it, including their right to access the Housing Ombudsman Service
  • the structure of the complaint’s procedure – only 2 stages necessary and clear times set out for responses
  • ensuring fairness in complaint handling with a resident-focused process
  • taking action to put things right and appropriate remedies
  • creating a positive complaint handling culture through continuous learning and improvement
  • demonstrating learning in annual reports
  • annual self-assessment against the Code

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