About the campaign

Our #ImWithSam hate crime campaign is a long term mission to tackle hate crime at its roots and promote better support for victims.

Sam represents the 73% of people with a learning disability and/or autism who have experienced hate crime. People who have been subjected to physical attacks, sexual assault and emotional manipulation because of their disability.

In 2021 we ran another survey. Amongst the autistic people and people with learning disabilities who responded…

  • 82% had experienced people calling them names or shouting at them in person. 34% had experienced this online.
  • 44% had been threatened, hurt or coerced into doing things
  • 34% said they were victims of sexual abuse
  • 16% had been threatened or coerced into doing things on the internet

To tackle these shocking statistics, we’re working with organisations and individuals who can change not only how victims are treated, but also how others understand disability hate crime.

#ImWithSam is a long term campaign that continues to change how disability hate crimes are treated and how victims are supported.

It’s unacceptable that less than half of victims have reported the crime committed against them to the police, and that the justice system doesn’t treat victims as reliable witnesses.

We’ve worked with government, police forces and academics to reach those who can make things better.

We also provide information for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, and the people who care for and support them, so they know their rights.