Spotlight on Surrey police: 1000+ trained officers

Dimensions led a seven month training programme with Surrey Police APT officers, which focused on learning disability and autism hate crime and examined the origins of stigma and prejudice.

After the training, 90% of officers felt confident taking a report from someone with a learning disability and 93% felt confident engaging with someone with a learning disability.

As well as this, there was a month on month increase in the number of recorded disability hate crimes in Surrey and a higher overall average for recorded disability hate crime compared to equivalent months in 2017.

They took a number of steps to improve how they dealt with disability hate crimes…

Hate Crime Lead

The Surrey police force Hate Crime Lead is looking at hate crime and setting strategies and priorities across the area to make Surrey the safest county it can be.

Single Combined Assessment of Risk Form

SCARF is a new process specifically for hate crime to assess the impact and risk on an individual after a hate crime (or series of hate crimes) have taken place.

Disability Liaison Officers

Surrey Police Liaison Officers have received additional training around disability hate crime and the support services available to offer. They reach out to communities and break down barriers disabled people face.

Communication aid

Pegasus is used to reduce the need for people with learning disabilities to share their history each time they call the police.

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