Change driven by passion

Campaign 4 Change is a force to be reckoned with. Meaningful relationships, the right to have a good time, trans rights, hate crime, accessibility and ditching labels are all in their sights.

The members of Campaign 4 Change are truly encouraged to campaign on what they believe in. Here’s what they’ve been up to…

Goodbye labels!

Campaign 4 Change have been raising awareness of disrespectful language sometimes being used by staff and professionals in social care and health sectors. The group did a workshop at the (un)Ordinary Conference, several other presentations and a photo campaign to inspire staff to avoid using labels and derogatory phrases when speaking to and about people they support. C4C are planning to make a short film next.

Meaningful relationships

Loneliness is a deeply troubling issue affecting many people with learning disabilities and/or autism. So it’s only fitting that members are helping more people feel included and make friends.

Members of the group are involved in the Supported Loving Network – a group of people who are campaigning for equal rights for people with learning disabilities and/or autism to have relationships.

Stephen runs a weekly “Walk and Talk” group where people can chat and exercise; enjoying each other’s company and getting some healthy physical exercise too. He also runs exercise sessions for older people.

Darren wants to start a support group for people with learning disabilities and autism who want to talk about love and relationships.

C4C even took part in Brighton Pride Parade this year to show their support for all love.

“Members of Campaign 4 Change are an inspiration to people around them and show that a learning disability can also be a super power.”

The right to a good time!

Not everyone who receives support has the opportunity to go out at night. Support hours, transportation and other issues mean it isn’t as simple as going to the pub or a late night event.

Leon and Fiifi are ambassadors for the national Stay Up Late campaign. Fiifi runs monthly ‘Stay Up Late: Pool Knockout’ competition which lasts until midnight to raise awareness of this issue. Fiifi’s competition is getting more and more popular and is bringing people with learning disabilities together with other members of the community in a meaningful way.

The right to be recognised as trans

There is a multitude of issues and stigma transgender people face, and even more that transgender people who have learning disabilities face.

Member Vicki is campaigning to raise awareness of such issues, helping other people understand what it means to be transgender and advocating for equal rights and opportunities.

Hate crime

We found that hate crime affects over 70% of people with learning disabilities and/or autism and it’s critical people across the sector work together to tackle it.

Two creative members, David and Stevie, created a short film called “STOP!” to raise awareness of hate crime against people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

David and Stevie are also singing to raise awareness.

Stevie composed a song about bullying, which he performed at Brighton Disability Pride 2018 and David has asked people to come together and professionally record a cover of “Where Is The Love” by the Black Eyed Peas, which he’ll use to raise money for Stop Hate UK.

Local communities

Your local community is your home, and one you share with thousands of others.

Mary, Alex, Mark and Chris have all been working their hardest to make sure their local councils are aware of important issues in their community.

Mary wrote a petition to get a pedestrian crossing on a local busy road. She collected over 100 signatures, video interviewed her neighbours and met with her MP.

Mark and Chris wrote a petition to fix drains and pot holes in their local area. They collected over 100 signatures and invited their MP to visit.

Alex asked the council to fix a road leading up to two supported living homes. Thanks to his campaigning, the road was resurfaced.

“Campaign 4 Change are helping their local communities as well as people with learning disabilities and autism in the whole country. Their efforts on these different campaigns means that they can achieve many small changes which, put together, can bring a big change.”

That isn’t all

Samir and Francesca, who have profound and multiple learning disabilities, are campaigning for more Changing Places.

Anne-Marie and Simon are hoping to do Autism Training at schools. Fiifi bravely presented his story about the death of him mum at the (un)Ordinary Conference.

And Alex made a video to help other people do Fire Safety Checks in their homes.

Overcoming fears and challenges

Not all members are natural public speakers, and some struggle with reading and communicating with words.

Members have learned to attend meetings, lead meetings, listen and support each other, present in front of many people, talk about their causes to strangers, meet new people, visit new places and create ideas.

This group is doing incredible things and, I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re doing an incredible job!

Parting words…

“All one needs is determination, confidence in oneself and one’s cause and practice – then anything can be achieved.”

Group members

Mary Woodall | Leon Clarke | Darren Rutland | Mark | Christopher Holloway | Fiifi Tetteh | Anne-Marie Cox | Alex Roberts | David Ross | Stevie Barnett | Simon Green | Samir El-Ziftawy | Francesca Dunn | Stephen Adamson | Victoria Smith.

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