Inspired by Professor Hawking

Arghojit is a 13-year-old boy with autism who doesn’t communicate through words. Arghojit communicates using the Rapid Prompting Method, something he learned at just age 7.

Since then he has been enabled to express himself and produce academic work, he is also working on developing handwriting and typing skills.

Arghojit’s acrostic poem on autism:
“Awareness needed
Understanding necessary
Treat us with dignity
Give us knowledge
Sometimes Sensory overload overwhelms us
Let’s make the world a better place.”

Arghojit also lives with muscle hyptonia and habitual tip-toe walking, but chooses to lead by example; conquering disabilities through cognition and willpower.

Arghojit Work and education LDA Leaders' List 2018

Inspired by Professor Hawkins, he dreams one day to be a mathematician, but even now, he’s challenging the concept “no voice means no intelligence” every day.

Attending Hope House School in Newark, Arghojit achieved several ASDAN qualifications and is developing self-help and social skills to integrate effectively in the community.

The school has been very impressed with his Maths skills and Arghojit is now working towards a Mathematics GCSE and is one step closer to achieving his dream of being a mathematician.

At home, Arghojit has been enrolled under the Florida Virtual School, since 2014. Florida Virtual School is an online school where he studies English, Advanced Science and Advanced Mathematics. Arghojit is due to graduate in 2022, already achieving very impressive straight A’s in all of his subjects, he’s well on his way.

Beyond academics, Arghojit has keen interest in current affairs, foreign languages, literature, sports and films. He loves travelling and has visited several countries, including France, the Caribbean, India and even Mauritius.

Arghojit Work and education LDA Leaders' List 2018

When travelling Arghojit conquers many barriers, controlling his behaviour and motor challenges during long flights and within busy airports.

It’s clear Arghojit is a thinker and a creative person: he loves music, enjoys playing the piano and even writes short stories and poems; some of which have been published on websites and in books, such as “Typed Words, Loud Voices”.

Other writings include this snippet from his imaginative story, “Alien invasion”:

‘“I wish my phone would have network, so that I could talk to my friends,” sighed Kate.

She looked at her phone expectantly but was disappointed to see that there was no network.

“What! You want to gossip with your friends now?!” exclaimed Mr Jacks.

“No silly! I want to tell them how to come out of the force field,” replied Kate.

Shortly, Mr Jacks, his dog, who was called Bob and Kate were walking cautiously on the roads towards the city, outside the airport and force field. It was a cool autumn day and the sun was about to set soon.

They had escaped the force field only a couple of hours ago. While, they strolled down the long path, Kate admired the beautiful autumn colours of the leaves on the trees that lined the path.’

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Arghojit is one of 2018’s Leaders to be featured in The Guardian – read his interview on their website.