How a comic is helping autistic people through the pandemic

Will likes to use his illustration skills to give other people with autism advice and share stories with them. During lockdown he did this to help others cope with the sudden life change. He created a comic to help others feel less isolated and alone during lock down. The comic can now be downloaded at halsbooks.

He put his illustration forward to be included in a book called Lockdown Lit, which went on to become an Amazon bestseller!


While Will himself struggled with lockdown and doing his Art and Design college work online, he found that being a line of support and advice for others really helped him too.

Will said ’It makes my day, just helping other people and during lock down it was a source of comfort for me as well as giving me something to focus on.’

And some much welcome good news helped brighten things up too – a young illustrator, Mia Leyland, who he inspired at one of his book launches published her first book; Mean Little Cow!

Will and his books are not only helping young people with autism get through various life experiences, but they’re also inspiring a new generation of illustrators.

You see, Hal isn’t just a one of character created during lockdown. Hal has a growing series of stories to help people with autism navigate the world. Including Joby The Otter.

And Will does all he can to make these books accessible for everyone.

Before lockdown he would do live readings and launch events. When lockdown hit these didn’t stop, they just moved online!

But this is a big challenge for Will, who steps out of his comfort zone every time he speaks to a crowd.

His skills, courage and authenticity are what make Will Hawkes an outstanding illustrator and Leader.

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