Dan Pennycott: Helping people live their best lives

Dan works as a Quality Consultant for Dimensions, ensuring that the individuals we support can live their best lives. In his role for Dimensions, Dan has shown outstanding reliability and professionalism, and has been an inspirational colleague to all those who work with him.

Dan was nominated for the Leaders’ List by a colleague, who was deeply impressed by the positive approach he took to his job. For this colleague, Dan has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected Quality Consultants across the organisation, showing the huge range of skills needed for such a position.

Dan’s decision to work for Dimensions came from his experience receiving support from them in the past, which made him feel that it would be a positive, caring community to be part of. At first, he worked as a filmographer, making recordings of significant meetings and events at the organisation, and his professionalism was noticed by many of his colleagues.

“My colleagues comment on how they enjoy working with me, and that I'm easy to get along with. I feel I probably make a difference to people's day.”

So, when Dan’s role was disbanded, the Dimensions Involvement and Engagement Department decided that they didn’t want to lose such an amazing person.

To keep him on as a colleague, Dimensions proposed to Dan that he train as a Quality Consultant. This role would involve reviewing Dimensions-run homes to ensure that people were safe and well supported, along with sitting on panels of hiring managers to interview new staff. It would mean undergoing significant training, working with large teams, and taking on a variety of roles.

Dan accepted the position, and since he started the job, his professionalism has been recognised across the team. Colleagues have seen him as respectful, impartial, and observant – all key characteristics, vital in ensuring that the people Dimensions support can live their best lives. For Dan, the job suits him because it means meeting lots of new people – something he really enjoys – and listening to their unique experiences and perspectives. With such professional success, Dan has now been chosen to play a part in interviewing and training new Quality Consultants – helping to inspire others through his own dedication to the role.

Dan’s spot on the Leaders’ List is not the first time his professional achievements have been recognised. Recently, Dan’s mum Lyn nominated him for the Dimensions ROC Star award, an award Recognising Outstanding Contributions by individuals who Dimensions supports. The award is aimed at celebrating those that make a difference to the people around them through positivity and dedication, and Lyn knew that Dan demonstrated all of this in his commitment to going beyond the call of duty to support his colleagues.

Despite his earlier nomination for the ROC Star award, Dan was really surprised to find out he’d been nominated for the Leaders’ List. Being part of the list gave him a real boost, helping him to realise that he is valued and respected within Dimensions. For Dan, the Leaders’ List is a chance to showcase the effort that people make to help their communities and improve people’s lives.

“It is a good incentive to have a Leaders’ List, so that people get recognised for their hard work.”

As the colleague who nominated him put it, “Dan has ambition for himself but also other people, especially people with learning disabilities or autism.” It is his determination to change lives for the better that makes Dan such a pleasure to work with.