Virtually changing the world

Kieran Gallagher launched a virtual rap group that aims to change attitudes through music. Karate Galactics’ first single was The Definition of Autism.

The young rapper, solo writer and frontman is the only permanent member of the collective, with various guests appear on different tracks.

The single, written by Kieran Gallagher and produced in collaboration with the local Youth Zone, is available to buy now on iTunes and Amazon, and is available to listen now on Spotify. All proceeds from the record go to charity.

Since then, the lyricist has been involved with autism activism in his local borough, delivering ‘Autism Friends’ awareness sessions, which create discussion through games and tools.

Kieran said: “It allows me to make a positive impact on my local community, while gaining further insight into the lives of others with the condition.”


“In addition, I am a member of the Adult Autism Partnership Board of Wigan. We were shortlisted for an Autism Professionals Award back in March and I also performed my charity single at Wigan Pride this year.”

It’s a Rap

Karate Galactic have recently released a new cleverly titled single, Second Word War. Kieran wrote the song about his struggles with stammering, which he was bullied about, in order to challenge misconceptions through his music.

All proceeds from the song will go to the British Stammering Association.

Asked how it feels to be a Leaders’ List winner, Kieran said: “I’m ecstatic; this is a big break for me and my career.

“I got started in rap and activism through the accessibility and social impact of music. Rap is one of the world’s biggest mediums right now, so it only makes sense to create discussion through it.”