My name is Caiden, I’m 10 and I’ve raised more than £2000 for blood bikes

Ten year old, Caiden, has travelled over 2500 miles and raised more than £2000 to help the blood bikes charity whose volunteers provide a free UK-wide motorcycle courier service transporting blood and breast milk to the NHS and air ambulance charities.

My name is Caiden, but you can call me Cady, I’m ten. I have autism and was bullied at school because I was different, so my mummy decided to home school me. I’ve been teaching her too. Since I started home schooling we’ve both learnt so much.

Blood bikes

For more than two years I’ve travelled over 2500 miles and raised more than £2000 to help 14 branches of blood bikes in the UK.

Let me tell you how I discovered blood bikes…. While we were out on a learning day my mum took me to an armed forces day where we met the Blood Runners who work for SERV.

It stands for Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers, whose volunteers provide a motorcycle courier service, free of charge, to the National Health Service and the air ambulance charities. These guys are cool.

In an emergency, they run blood and milk and all other life-saving stuff all over the UK to help save lives like yours and mine, as well as babies and the elderly.


They told me and my mum that they needed to keep fundraising to keep the service alive. This made me sad so I donated my pocket money. The next day me and my mum decided to help make them some money so I did a name the bear competition and got my family and friends to pay and pick a name. My mummy did a sponsored silence for a whole 24 hours. I didn’t like it and it made me sad as I missed my mummy’s voice. But together, we managed to raise more than £100.

My love of football

I nearly forgot to mention that during this time I discovered a love of football and wanted to watch my first ever football match and see my home town club, Peterborough United, play.

Now me and my mum have been travelling every inch of the UK visiting all of the premier league football clubs from Manchester to Suffolk getting donations and sponsors along the way. We first met volunteers from SERV at my football club, Chelsea. I’ve been wearing my blood runners jacket to make people aware of how far and wide the SERV volunteers go to save our lives.

We’ve done 13 football grounds so far and we’ve got another seven to do. People were donating through our Just Giving page but now we have handed this over to SERV Ox, Bucks, Northants.

How does it feel to win?