Empowering yourself and others

Phillip Dyer has myotonic dystrophy and learning disabilities but this never stands in the way of him achieving his goals and helping others.

Phil has achieved so much in his personal life; he married the love of his life, Alison, and moved out of his parent’s home so that he and Alison could live together. He has written, directed and starred in his own film, ‘One in a Million’.

But having developed so much, Phil became increasingly independent and faced the very daunting reality of having all his care and support services terminated as a result.

Phil hasn’t let this stop him and still continues to work tirelessly for his local community in many different areas.

Empowering others

Within Somerset, Phil is considered a leader when it comes to speaking up for people with learning disabilities.

His example of living independently has been an inspiration to many of his peers and an amazing example of not allowing disability hold him back.

Phillip Changing communities LDA Leaders' List 2018
Phil inspires others with his achievements

Phil is currently one of the joint chairs for the Bridgwater branch of Our Voice Somerset, a speaking up and advocacy group for the people with Learning Disabilities in Somerset.

It was set up by Somerset County Council to help empower people with Learning Disabilities and give them a strong voice. He was previously also chair for Somerset Advocacy, another Somerset based advocacy group for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Phil works on many different film and media projects in conjunction with local businesses and organisations.

His current project ‘Same difference’ is being produced in partnership with Somerset film and will follow people with learning disabilities or autism, and their journey into meaningful paid employment.

Phil hopes the film opens up a dialogue and gives the voices of disabled people a chance to be heard alongside existing and potential employers.

Phillip Changing communities LDA Leaders' List 2018
Phil continues to help make things better for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Phil is passionate about helping people with learning disabilities or autism to achieve their full potential and has spoken at conferences and meetings about his own journey and experiences.

Embracing and using new technology, Phil helps get his voice and the voices of others heard. Check out his film company page, Trendbusters to see how.