Pictures to brighten your day

Welcome to Jemma’s art gallery! Here you will see some of her wonderful artwork which she has been sending to people with one simple aim – to make them smile!

“I started my happiness art because I wanted to cheer people up.”

“Lockdown has been really hard. Everything stopped and so much was unknown. I found it especially hard living with no contact to anyone.”

“I wanted to make other people feel better, less alone, less frightened, less worried – even if just for a moment.”

“It was a challenge to approach people, but I am really glad I did it because it did make people happy and it made me happy.”

“Doing difficult things can be really good and important.”

“I feel braver and less alone now.”

“It has made me realise that my difference makes me kind.”

“I want to tell everyone to be braver and more positive about themselves.”

Making people smile…

“Jem, this is gorgeous! Thank you so much for thinking of us!”

“Just gorgeous <3 You’ve lifted my spirits this morning Jem.”

“This picture is brilliant…I was thinking that sharing things like your pictures might be a really lovely way of us all connecting at the moment.”

“This is SO lovely! Thank you for being so thoughtful and sending me some much needed sunshine.”

How does it feel to win?