What happens away from Coronation Street

You might recognise this particular Leader – Liam plays Alex Warner in the UK’s longest running soap opera; Coronation Street.

Liam was the first actor with Down’s Syndrome to land a role in Coronation Street and his inclusion has been praised by people across the country.

His impact might not be as long running as Coro, but it spans wider than his career.

“Liam and his achievements are important because representation matters – he is making a real difference to how the world sees people with Down’s Syndrome and learning disabilities.”

Helping others

Liam is a Mencap Ambassador, and as part of his advocacy work he speaks at schools, events and conferences. His ambition? To inspire other young people and break down the stigma people with learning disabilities still face.

Liam is also a keen footballer, and regularly donates his spare time to compete in charity football matches while raising money for autism charities.

We think you’ll agree that Liam is a positive force in and out of the entertainment industry.

He’s showing, nationally, that people with learning disabilities are talented, driven and deserve to be represented.

Despite his stardom, he remains down to earth, selfless and never forgets where he’s come from.

He continues to be an active member of the theatre company where he trained and his professional career started.

At Mind The Gap, he continues his own professional and skills development, but also shares his experiences and inspires many up and coming learning disabled actors in the UK.

“Liam is an excellent and supportive friend to everyone he knows, including the 80 people with learning disabilities who are training at Mind The Gap every week. We are all extremely proud of what he has achieved and how generously he uses his position of fame and power to benefit other people with disabilities.”

“Liam is an excellent and supportive friend.”

Support and negativity on social media

Unfortunately, not all of Liam’s experiences are positive ones.

As someone in the spotlight, and someone who is seen by some as ‘different’, he is often the target for online trolls.

He’s received abuse and threats online, and has had to learn – very quickly – how to ignore and emotionally deal with the cruelty that can come hand-in-hand with fame.

He fights back against the trolls with positivity. His own social media feeds are filled with motivating and inspiring messages.

It’s clear that Liam’s identity is built around helping others.

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How does it feel to be a Learning Disability and Autism Leader?

“It feels phenomenal to be named 2019 Learning Disability and Autism Leader! All these disabilities we’ve got…I don’t see it in a negative way, I see it as a beautiful thing. We’re so proud of who we are. It’s an honour to be a leader for other people to look up to.”

“This story really inspired us! Well done Liam!” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

“Liam’s story is a great example of how an individual can inspire people and demonstrates courage and leadership. I wish him well in his future career.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

“Liam’s been a trail-blazer for other actors with learning disabilities, opening doors for their opportunities. He has obviously used his fame to assist others and gives his time freely as ambassador for Mencap. He’s a forward-thinking and generous young man who should be very proud.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

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