Inclusive Conscious gigs for everybody

“I was often on my own and a bit lonely, I found it hard to get around unfamiliar places so I decided to start my own gigs…At first they were in a basement and I did it on my own. Now a team of 10 people make Robyn’s Rocket happen.”

The spirit of Robyn’s Rocket is Inclusive Conscious. This means they are thinking of ways to change, and making those changes, so everyone can feel welcome.

They may have started small, but after successfully applying for funding, Robyn’s Rockets was really able to take off!

Now they are regular events where you can meet new people, enjoy live music and experience something you know has been created to make you welcome and happy.

Your guide to Robyn’s Rocket

There are a number of adjustments in place to make these gigs Inclusive Conscious…

Communication rocket badges show if you would like to talk to everyone (facing upwards), if you would only like to talk to people you know (facing sideways) or if you don’t want to speak to anyone (facing down).

Each artist is given a different shape and colour, this is used on the gig timetable and the merchandise tables so guests don’t need to understand written or spoken words to know what’s happening.

To help prepare for the gig, they provide social stories and photo journeys. And, at the gig itself, guests can borrow ear defenders and ear plugs.

It’s always clear who you can speak to for help, because crew wear t-shirts that clearly identifies them.

And if all that wasn’t special enough, they turn the stage into a giant spaceship!

The line up

Artists with or without disabilities are welcome to perform.

While the gig is inclusive, it isn’t solely for people with autism or learning disabilities. Anyone who prefers the ‘inclusive conscious’ environment can enjoy the night out.

Because the audience is so diverse, Robyn always makes sure there is always at least one act featuring someone with a learning disability.

“Other gigs that are inclusive often have an audience of mostly autistic people or people with learning disabilities, which means artists with learning disabilities often only perform to the disabled audiences. But the wider world should have the chance to hear them!”

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“Great leadership and confidence in doing the right thing despite challenges. Thinking outside the box. We love this level of inclusion. Best wishes for the future.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

“Robyn’s passion is obvious. She’s grown and developed from the experience which was developed, not only to help herself, but others too. Robyn learned from others and was creative in the way she overcame challenges, such as using videos in funding bids. This is a very inspiring story and we all can be inspired by Robyn.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge