“I think you might have an emerging groupie on your hands!”

“My daughter came home yesterday and all she could talk about was the Steel Squid Collective’s visit to her college. She said she loves it and now wants to join the group as a dancer!”

The Steel Squid Collective are proving themselves to be inspirational!

The Steel Squid Collective, part of Burley Inclusive, is a group of musicians who all have learning disabilities and associated difficulties. But their music has one unique purpose: to help young adults transitioning on from full time education into adult services.

For young adults with learning disabilities, moving from full time education where they have structure, routine and purpose into adult support services can be a daunting prospect.

But the Steel Squid Collective are here to help!


Their debut EP, and supporting tour, will help show teens across the country that they aren’t alone and inspire them to think about their own dreams.

They’ve overcome their own challenges to be where they are; they’ve all been frustrated or felt like giving up.

So they showcase just how people with learning disabilities can achieve amazing things, with dedication and hard work.

They show people that the right, person-centred approach to support can literally change lives.

But such serious issues sometimes need a light-hearted approach. At such as scary time, some humour can help make a situation seem less intimidating.

Who knew “Cider with my Greggs” could have such a positive message.

“By celebrating their achievements, hopefully other people with learning disabilities will be inspired to express themselves creatively through music and to have the motivation to work up, over, around or through the barriers they may face.”

Group members

Matthew Hawkins | Reece Wheatley | Brandon Swift | Tom Badman | Cian Cantrell | Ed Kelly | Issy Rebecca Foster | Kayleigh Knott

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“Well done guys.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

“A shining example of how anything is possible.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge