Speaking up and speaking out for others

A day service manager once told Stephen’s parents that their son was too stupid to ever work. He’s proved that individual wrong in the most wonderful way; by training tens of thousands of medical professionals and student professionals across Cardiff.

Stephen has just celebrated his 60th birthday, and what a life to celebrate. He’s spent many years as a self-advocate; standing up and speaking out for himself and others.

For the past 15 years he has been a trainer with Cardiff People First and has worked both independently and with a team to deliver expert training.

Stephen’s influence is so incredible, one of the doctors he once trained as a student recognised him at the hospital recently.

Impressed? We are, and so are many others…

Stephen continues to wow his audiences. Feedback is consistently positive, and well deserved:

  • “The training was wonderful and inspiring.”
  • “The whole presentation was first class.”
  • “A very professional presentation.”
  • “I feel inspired and privileged, with a good understanding into learning disabilities.”

Being told that he can’t achieve anything is a constant struggle for Stephen, so praise like this is understandably crucial in his development.

We think Stephen has achieved so much throughout his life. We hope he’s proud to be a Learning Disability and Autism Leader, we’re certainly proud to have him on our list.