Making technology accessible in a time of crisis

Bradford Talking Media is a rather special team. Together they raised £30,000 to buy and distribute electronic devices so people with disabilities and/or mental health issues could stay connected during lockdown.

Not only did they raise the money and take the devices to people, they also produced guidance to make sure that everyone understood how to use them and could make the most of them.

“They recognised many people do not have access to devices. They got the funding and make the devices easy to use.” – Quote taken from the group’s nomination.

An empathetic touch

For their nomination, we asked how the group’s journey has made them feel. The nominator answered;

“It has made the team cry a lot. Tears of joy, but also tears in learning how isolated people are.

“They have reached out to people. They have made sure people feel connected, that they have a friend to speak to and that they are supported.

“Being alone in such a scary time is even scarier. Bradford Talking Media understand this and did something to change it.”

A well-received donation

We also asked for the nominator to tell us some nice things other people have said about them.

The response from people who received the devices speaks volumes to the difference they’ve made…

“I am not forgotten.”

“This is a lifeline for me.”

“I can speak to my friend now.”

“This has meant so much.”