Astounding achievements against the clock

The brilliant Keep Going……. Don’t Stop! group are overcoming time barriers and producing a whole library of easy read resources available for anyone to use.

They have just hours each month to get together, understand difficult topics and turn them into an accessible and nationally available Easy Read guides. The time taken to sign off a document may take months, as it is done meaningfully and at the pace of everyone in the group.

Keep Going……. Don’t Stop! has been meeting once a month since 2016. They are working together to make complicated issues around dementia, health and well-being less daunting and easier to understand.

In just three years they have co-developed a library of online resources that are free and available for people to use.


A project they’re particularly proud of is their work with the National Dementia Action Alliance on making the 5 Dementia ‘We Statements’ into Easy Read.

The story of that journey can also be read on the Alzheimers Society website.

Keep Going……. Don’t Stop! have also worked alongside the Alzheimer’s Society, to make the Dementia Friends session Easy Read and more accessible to people with a learning disability.

Most people are affected by dementia in some way; a loved one might have it, a flatmate or peer, work colleague or the person themselves might be starting to show signs.

Having easy to understand information on dementia that is accessible for all, can make a huge difference for people at a very time when lots might be changing in their lives.

Going to the doctors

Having Easy Read and accessible guides about going to the doctors can give people more independence.

If they have a guide available that explains how to make an appointment, what to expect when they arrive and the healthcare they deserve to receive, they can be much more independent when seeking healthcare.

It can also help support staff and carers, who need this information but it often isn’t presented in a quick and easy to read way.

Keep Going……. Don’t Stop! have made a whole suite of resources about going to the doctors.


Did you know sepsis can often go missed in people with learning disabilities? They might not be able to communicate their symptoms or staff might not understand what sepsis is.

While the national, government campaign is raising awareness their messaging can be scary and confusing.

Keep Going…….Don’t Stop’s guide to sepsis can tell you plain and straight what it is and what to be aware of.

“We want to help others”

Looking at all their resources and the difficult topics covered, it’s unbelievable that they’ve achieved so much with just 4 hours a month for 3 years.

It shows what we really can achieve by all working together.

This co-production and fine tuned system is helping people all across the country.


Group members

Claire Thorpe | Andrew Bradley | Louise Cooper | Andrew Bibby | Heather Parrott | David Stiley | Meg Wilding | Nicola Payne | Sarah Ormston

“I wish I could do that.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

“Great work under difficult circumstances.” – Leaders’ List 2019 Judge

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