Truly inspirational

My son Harry has been supported by Dimensions for his whole adult life.

Martin Boniface, Associate Family Consultant
Martin Boniface, Associate Family Consultant

As family members, we all know how important it is to have strong relationships based on mutual trust with the staff who support our loved ones. We rightly ask that staff make sure we know what is going on in our loved one’s life and – because no-one knows our loved one better than us – that staff seek our guidance and involve us in decisions.

It’s a precious thing, that partnership. Like all good partnerships, both partners need to pay attention to it. But sometimes as a family member, I know it can be hard to think how to nurture it effectively.

That’s why I’m writing this blog. I want to talk about ‘Inspiring People Awards.’

This award scheme is how Dimensions recognises people who do a great job. I made a nomination recently when one of the staff supporting my son went the extra mile and supported Harry when he was admitted to hospital earlier this year.

Anyone can be nominated whether they are front line support staff, managers, people who work in business support or volunteers.  Each nominee or team receives a letter of appreciation and a certificate from the Chief Executive and her leadership team. Their story is published on the Dimensions intranet and staff can vote for some to win Amazon vouchers too.

Regional teams celebrate the winners in a variety of different ways. This year the West region – where my son Harry is supported – ran an ‘Inspiring People Awards Celebration’ at the West Midlands safari park.

The event – face to face for the first time is 3 years J – brought together nominees from around the region. Operations Directors shared the stories about how their operational and business support colleagues had made a positive difference to the lives of the people they support. The stories were described against Dimensions values of Caring, Ambition, Partnering, Respect and Integrity. 

It was a great event and was quite emotional at times as we listened to the stories behind the nominations.

As family members, we can all nominate the people supporting our loved ones for an Inspiring People award.  All you have to do is email your nomination to or phone 0300 303 9027 stating the person’s name, your name, and the reason you’re nominating them. Nominations may also be made on a confidential basis.

So, if you know a colleague or volunteer who deserves recognition for the difference they have made, go ahead and make a nomination.  Trust me when I say it will make a huge difference to that person and, in the long run, to your loved one too.

Martin A Boniface – Associate Family Consultant.