Tell us your stories

We regularly use people’s stories as evidence when trying to influence national policy. Real life stories show that lives are being affected and bring real people back into the conversation.

The more stories we have, the more we can show just why things need to change and make recommendations.

If you have experienced hate crime, or know someone who has, please share your story.

We might be in touch with you to find out more but please note we can’t offer advice or legal support for the stories you share with us. We may use this story to help influence national policy and it will be kept anonymous unless otherwise agreed with you.

#ImWithSam experiences of hatecrime

National consultation

In New Year 2020 the Law Commission will publish a public consultation to review hate crime law.

We are preparing for this review and will share a link to it so you can share your story with the government too.

We have already submitted a report to the Law Commission which shows that 78% of people who have been subjected to crime or abuse feel it was because of their learning disability and/or autism.

Download the report