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Dimensions is working with the Law Commission to answer their questions on disability hate crime laws. Tell us your experiences using our short form below.

We will use what you share with us to work with the Law Commission on changing the law. We will keep what you tell us anonymous.

Find out more and download the consultation paper and the consultation paper in easy read on the Law Commission website. 

picture of parliament in London

We have been calling for a change to hate crime law since we started the #ImWithSam campaign in 2016.

The Law Commission is asking people for their views about the law on hate crime. They will use people’s views to decide how the law on hate crime should change.

We think this is a great opportunity to change the law to make it work better for victims of learning disability and autism hate crime.

The Law Commission consultation covers lots of topics. You can read it here.

Before you respond

Remember, the consultation on hate crime is complicated and there are lots of different things to think about.

These questions might help you:

  1. What does hate crime mean to you? You can give your own definition or examples of what you think is a disability hate crime?
  2. Have you ever been targeted for a hate crime? Please tell us what happened.
  3. Do you think all the laws on hate crime should be put together in one place? This would mean there is a Hate Crime Act with all the rules on hate crime for everyone.
  4. Do you think hate crime against people who have a disability should have the same rules as hate crime against other groups of people?
  5. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about hate crime and the law?

We want to hear what you think.

You can tell us what you think about the Law Commission’s suggestions or share you experiences with us.

If you would like to be involved in a focus group or interview on hate crime, please leave your name and contact information.

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