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Dimensions Activate – our new support model

Activate is a whole new model of support for people with learning disabilities and autism.

By halving behaviours of distress and driving widespread improvements to quality of life, Dimensions’ new support model for people with learning disabilities presents an opportunity for commissioners to achieve step change improvement in quality of life, in outcomes and in funding*.

An outcomes-focussed model

Adoption of the Activate methodology has led to:

  • a 60% decline in distressed behaviour
  • a 33% increase in the use of Active Support
  • a 25% increase in people taking part in meaningful activities
  • an increase in staff satisfaction.

A research-based model

Activate stems from research conducted by Dimensions with the University of Kent Tizard Centre and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, and funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research .

This was a randomised control trial, one of very few in our sector, and the study was carried out over two years in 24 homes supporting one to eight people.

We implemented a new model of support in the experimental group, and the control group services continued to use Dimensions’ existing model of support.

Dimensions Activate methodology

Dimensions Activate outcomes

Dimensions Activate implementation

And here’s our CEO Rachael explaining Activate to new colleagues:


Our Activate support model has won the 2015 Innovative Quality Outcomes Award.

*undergoing validation