Dimensions values you as you

I am pleased and, to be honest, excited as well to share with you today two new resources which will help with our key objectives of celebrating the diversity of our colleague team and becoming really representative of the communities we serve at every level of our organisation. These are objectives which seem especially pertinent in the light of the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride Month and, as I hope you know from my previous messages and blogs, they are objectives I feel very strongly about.

Photo of Steve Scown
Steve Scown, Dimensions CEO, blogs

The first resource is this short film which features a number of our colleagues and showcases our new equality and diversity slogan – that Dimensions values me as me. At Dimensions we value all our colleagues equally, not despite their demographic differences, but because of them!

This video seeks to  emphasise that everyone with the right values is welcome to work at Dimensions, regardless of where they come from, what they believe, who they love or what their personal situation might be.

The second resource is this new brochure which sets out and explains our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and which also summarises the data we have on the demographic make-up of our workforce. This data comes from the demographic information colleagues have submitted– something that is mandatory for all colleagues. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is that everyone completes this because it helps us to ensure that discrimination never happens and to understand the diverse needs of our colleagues. This helpful guide from Stonewall explains quite succinctly why that matters.

I hope you enjoy watching the film and reading the brochure, and feel free to share them with anyone else who might be interested. Please also read the new blog by our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Lisa Govier, in which Lisa provides much more information about the project. And remember, as I’ve said before, Dimensions values you as you!