Dimensions’ guide for moving out of ATUs

Dimensions has successfully supported many people to leave ATUs, but thousands more remain stuck in the system. That’s why we have created this practical, can-do guide.

We’ve included a very wide range of individual stories; we hope they will inspire people – families and professionals alike – to believe that in almost every case, better is possible.

The booklet also contains articles written by a range of different Dimensions experts, from the managers at the sharp end of supporting people out of ATUs to our CEO’s view on funding challenges.

The guide features a range of content; from individual stories, to a range of article written by Dimensions experts

Whether you are a policymaker, a commissioner, a medical professional or a family member we hope you’ll find content in here to make you think and maybe do things differently in future.

This publication doesn’t engage in the equally important discussion about how to avoid people entering ATU in the first place. That is a topic for the future. For now, let’s work together to support more people to get out. They deserve it.