Lynn Devison, support worker of the year

We were delighted to put Lynn forward for the ‘Support Worker of the Year’ award. Here’s what her team had to say about her:

“Lynn is an integral member and consistently goes above and beyond. Seen as a leader, she takes it upon herself to support management; being the first person to welcome and induct new colleagues, volunteering to lead shadow shifts, making sure that all of the support needs for the guys are met to the finest detail. This is echoed when the people we support visit health professionals, ensuring all details are provided to make sure nothing goes unnoticed.

Her care is epitomised perfectly in the saving of a birthday party. Every year a gentlemen has a birthday gathering at his favourite pub… we unfortunately went into lockdown the day before. The person we support was floored. As soon as the news broke, Lynn was on the case and within an hour she had organised the support colleagues into waiters, the house was decorated as a pub, musical instruments provided, and even the menus from the pub were printed.

This wasn’t the only birthday surprise one of the guys received due to Lynn’s endeavour. We have a huge Wolves fan in the service and Lynn managed to get captain Connor Coady to write a letter, with the promise of tickets as soon as we are let back into stadiums. Not only this, but Lynn went out of her way to buy a Wolves shirt, out of her own money!

With great humour, kindness and care. Thank you for all of your hard work, Lynn

Do you think you could be the next Lynn? Consider a career in support at Dimensions:

Good luck at the Awards, Lynn!