Rachael’s statement about the Government’s £600 million pledge to retain and hire social care staff

We are encouraged to see the Government’s £600m pledge to retain and hire additional social care staff.  This announcement earlier in the year and the guarantee for two years are especially welcome. The priority for all social care providers is to attract and retain great people who can deliver high quality care and support, so extra investment will always be welcome. The funds announced will not solve all of the problems faced but they are a meaningful move in the right direction and a sign that the Government recognises that extra investment is needed to sustain a valuable workforce.

In the long term, we need to see sustained workforce reform for the sector, including higher pay and a skills framework to ensure that it is an attractive place to work. If colleagues are paid in line with their skills and responsibilities in social care, we can prevent high numbers leaving to work in the NHS for better terms and conditions. The essential partnership between the health and social care sectors can be better balanced with mutual benefit.

We remain committed to our call for the Government to benchmark minimum care worker pay with NHS Band 3 (including pharmacy assistants and administrative workers).

Sign our petition calling for the Government to benchmark minimum care worker pay at NHS Band 3 by visiting www.change.org/social-care-pay

Photo Rachael Dodgson
Rachael Dodgson, Dimensions Chief Executive