Say #NoTimeForHateCrime today – new research calls time on learning disability and autism hate crime

New research from Dimensions exposes that negative attitudes and behaviours towards people with learning disabilities and autism remain alarmingly present in the UK. In response, we are launching the #NoTimeForHateCrime campaign to reduce instances of hate crime, and to support people who experience or witness it.

Take a photo of your watch or clock with the hashtag #NoTimeForHateCrime and post it on social media to be an ally for victims. DimensionsUK across all platforms.

3.6 million people have physically hurt someone with a learning disability or autism

Our research reveals that only 25% of the public think society is inclusive of people with learning disabilities and autism, and 30% think society has become even less inclusive. A raft of concerning behaviours is identified:

  • A fifth of the public have laughed at someone, called someone names or avoided talking to someone because of their learning disability or autism.
  • 6% admit to having physically hurt someone because of their learning disability or autism – equivalent to 3.6 million people.
  • 1 in 6 would feel uncomfortable sitting next to someone who has a learning disability or autism on public transport.
  • 1 in 7 would feel uncomfortable having someone as their neighbour, if they knew had a learning disability or autism.

Yet, with 1 in 4 regretting how they’ve behaved towards someone with a learning disability or autism, the research shows there is a widespread desire to do better.

Through #NoTimeForHateCrime, we are offering your chance to be an ally and stand up for people with learning disabilities and autism. This includes providing resources to help people educate themselves about what to do if you witness a hate crime, and how to report a hate crime.

“999 calls led to him being stopped by firearms officers.” – Andy’s story

The mother of Andy*, an autistic man with a mild learning disability, recounts his experiences of hate crime:

“The young people who would pull his trousers down in public. The fellow students who, knowing he needs things arranged just so, would delight in rearranging them. The neighbour whose malicious 999 calls led to him being repeatedly stopped, twice by firearms officers, for no reason. The person who attacked him for ‘looking at him funny’.

“The psychological abuse Andy has suffered over the years has left him needing long term mental health support. It has made him nocturnal – he sleeps in the day and goes out only in the quiet of the night. He’s become terrified of the police. And as for that neighbour – they won; he’s been rehoused.

“What would Andy want from all those who have persecuted him over the years? That’s easy. For them to walk a mile in his shoes. Together, let’s call time on hate crime.”

It takes a minute to be an ally

Show your support by posting a photo on social media showing your watch or clock and using #NoTimeforHateCrime. DimensionsUK across all platforms.

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  • Understanding learning disabilities and autism; elearning for police services
  • What to do if you are a victim or a witness of hate crime; how to report it

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