Our statement ahead of the inquest into the death of Sally Lewis

From 24th May we will be listening to the findings from an inquest regarding the death in 2017 of Sally Lewis, a woman  we had supported for many years.

At this time, our thoughts are once again with Sally’s family.

Sally’s death has had a profound effect across our organisation, and particularly on the colleagues who supported her for twenty years and felt her death sharply. As we have done already in public and in private, we would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere condolences again to Sally’s family for their loss.

The circumstances surrounding Sally’s death have previously been investigated by various organisations and we have co-operated fully with these.  Our own understanding of the situation was described by our then-CEO back in January 2018 as part of our efforts to raise awareness of the risks of constipation; you can read about this here.

We will not be commenting further before or during the inquest. This is because we will be listening carefully to any new findings coming out of this inquest, and considering any further actions we could take to keep the people we support safe.

We will reflect on all the information that is shared during the inquest and will update this statement with our response once the inquest has concluded.